Meet Judy

"My Aunt taught me how to 'knit' (hmmmm) when I was about 8 years old.  The only thing I remember knitting was little red squares that I safety pinned on my doll as diapers.  So maybe you can't count that as being a knitter at that early age.  I just had the very basic start which probably didn't include knowing how to purl.

My real start came in 1959 when I got a job at IDS.  I noticed a coworker who would go off on her breaks and knit.  I soon realized I had someone who could actually teach me how to read a pattern & she was willing to help me make my first sweater.  So off to Daytons I went to purchase my yarn & pattern.  Yes, in the 'old' days Daytons did actually carry yarn!  Oh! THE GOOD OLD DAYS!  Well it turned out pretty nice... one exception... my friend left on maternity leave just when I got to the buttonholes.  Well needless to say I just kept going without doing them & just sewed the buttons on and called it done!  And to this day I still have my first sweater & still proud of it!!!  I might even just show up at the shop wearing it some day!!  Retro is back!!!!!!

So that is how I got hooked on knitting.  It has been my passion since then & gotten me through some very tough times throughout my life.  I can look at various garments & know just what I was going through at the time of making them.  I have many memories knitted right into my treasured projects."
Meet Heidi

"I love 'playing' in the Knit'n from the Heart yarn shop. After 28 years of 'work', I found the best retirement play ever and have learned much from the staff, students, divas, and customers. 

I learned to knit from my Mom when I was young. Since that time, I have had it in my arsenal of needlework, but it has been a blast watching the resurgence and wild new fibers. It still makes me laugh when a customer comes in and asks for '4ply' because I am old enough to remember terms like that. Some of you might know I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. (I am a cheesehead.) This is how small. Once I got passed dime store yarn, my Mom called someone on the phone to make an appointment. Although I was not sure where we were going, I went along. Imagine this....the mailman's wife sold yarn out of her spare bedroom. We dug through boxes, each stacked with different colors. I remember her helping Mom find something appropriate for me to knit and my own needles. I think it was yellow wool. The good kind. Now I am knitting with cottons, alpaca, merino, bamboo and have a huge selection of the "good kind" at my fingertips at Knit'n from the Heart. 

With a fifth grandson on the way in December, I am crazy into Itty Bitty hats and Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street baby blankets. I'm just wishing I could make something pink sometime. I knit with friends from my old work and for family, but love my Wednesday mornings at Knit'n from the Heart with the Divas. I always learn something new from the members. Why don't you come and join us. The coffee is always on!"

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Meet Elizabeth

Knitting has always been a big part of my life.  I learned as a child and have always enjoyed the benefits of knitting.  I find it relaxing, fun, creative, challenging and rewarding.  I love to give friends and family knitted gifts.  To me there is nothing more special than showing how much someone means to you than giving a personal hand-knit gift.  When someone tells me they don't knit or found it frustrating when they tried to learn, I want to help them get to the level of enjoyment that I have.  

I never thought I would end up owning and running a yarn shop but it is a wonderful and challenging experience.  I am blessed with an amazing staff and the most giving and caring customers!  I love hearing about everyone's latest projects."
Meet Pam
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